Estes dias teve lugar o que provavelmente é a primeira denúncia pública de assédio sexual levada a cabo contra um homem proeminente da esfera cultural portuguesa. Apesar da solidariedade manifestada à denunciante, Joana Emídio Marques, um número preocupante de pessoas, várias das quais mulheres, solidarizaram-se publicamente com o alegado agressor

This article was originally published in Parole de Queer

Translation: Zara Simans

People often say to me that my writing is not affective enough. I have thus decided to talk about the only piece of feminist theory I have found in recent years in the global north that made me…

This article was originally published in Pikara Magazine (March 15, 2018). Translation: Zara Simans

In the famous comic Bitch Planet, all those women considered ‘non-compliant’ to patriarchal roles and expectations are sent to a prison colony on another planet, exiled and punished for not accepting the place which corresponds to…

Catia Faria

Philosopher & activist

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