Estes dias teve lugar o que provavelmente é a primeira denúncia pública de assédio sexual levada a cabo contra um homem proeminente da esfera cultural portuguesa. Apesar da solidariedade manifestada à denunciante, Joana Emídio Marques, um número preocupante de pessoas, várias das quais mulheres, solidarizaram-se publicamente com o alegado agressor, Manuel Alberto Valente. Há diferentes formas de olhar para esta questão. A mais comum tem sido sucumbir à narrativa patriarcal segundo a qual as mulheres são, nalgum sentido moralmente relevante, tão más ou piores do que os homens. Isto é, não solidárias, desleais e oportunisticamente cruéis entre si. Até certo…

This article was originally published in Parole de Queer

Translation: Zara Simans

People often say to me that my writing is not affective enough. I have thus decided to talk about the only piece of feminist theory I have found in recent years in the global north that made me feel something. That is, Xenofeminism (XF). And, no. This is not about teenage queer fantasies with the Warrior Princess. In the 2015 manifest “Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation” the promoter collective Laboria Cuboniks injected contemporary feminism with the radical possibilities given by the strange, the foreign and the culturally antinatural…

This article was originally published in Pikara Magazine (March 15, 2018). Translation: Zara Simans

In the famous comic Bitch Planet, all those women considered ‘non-compliant’ to patriarchal roles and expectations are sent to a prison colony on another planet, exiled and punished for not accepting the place which corresponds to them in society. But let us imagine a world in which interplanetary travel is still impossible or where attempts at colonising other planets have failed. In this world, the obedience of the non-compliant is gained through the use of an artefact which has been shown to be more than effective…

Catia Faria

Philosopher & activist

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